Book of Daniel - God knows your future

Topics: strenght, action, know God

I. God knows the big picture

A. History is under God's direction!

  1. The Persian empire: And now I will tell you the truth. Behold, three more kings are going to arise in Persia. Then a fourth will gain far more riches than all of them; as soon as he becomes strong through his riches, he will arouse the whole empire against the realm of Greece (Daniel 11:2).
  2. The Greek empire: And a mighty king will arise, and he will rule with great authority and do as he pleases. But as soon as he has arisen, his kingdom will be broken up and parceled out toward the

four points of the compass, though not to his own descendants, nor according to his authority which he wielded, for his sovereignty will be uprooted and given to others besides them (Daniel 11:3, 4).

B. Your life is under God's direction!

"Remember the former things long past, for I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is no one like Me, declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times things which have not been done, saying, 'My purpose will be established, and I will accomplish all My good pleasure'" (Isaiah 46:9, 10).

II. God knows the fine points

A. Detailed prophecies reveal God's sovereignty!

  1. The North (Syria) vs. the South (Egypt): After some years they will form an alliance, and the daughter of the king of the South will come to the king of the North to carry out a peaceful arrangement. But she will not retain her position of power, nor will he remain with his power, but she will be given up, along with those who brought her in and the one who sired her as well as he who supported her in those times (Daniel 11:6; see also 11:17).
  2. Then in his place one will arise who will send an oppressor through the Jewel of his kingdom; yet within a few days he will be shattered, though not in anger nor in battle (Daniel 11:20).

B. Details of our lives are known by our God!

  • See Matthew 10:28-31.

Sermon by Pastor Rod Akins June 13th, 2021